Free Samples by Mail: 138 Companies That Send You Totally Free Stuff in 2021 No Gimmicks, No Surveys!


This category also houses people who have lost their everything due to any kind of an untoward incident and have nowhere else to go or no one else to look up to. Such people are eligible for the free money giveaway with no strings attached programs. They provide you with $20 in the very beginning when you have just got yourself registered or requested a prepaid reloadable card. Mypointsis a platform that subjects you to numerous exciting rewards that can help you make ends meet for yourself and your family.

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Any time you are are shopping online, DollarSprout Rewards works in the background to find you the best cash back deals and coupon codes so you can save as much money as possible. Whenever you visit an eligible merchant, you will get a small alert notifying you of a cash back opportunity — just hit the Activate button and you are all set to earn. The content on DollarSprout includes links to our advertising partners. Several philanthropist business giants act as people who give away money for free to people who are in dire need of funds.

Other Free Sample Sites

Test out unique skin care budgeting report from this fun and interesting brand. Get a complimentary sample of the new Good Girl Velvet Fatale Collector Edition perfume when you click on the “Apply Now” button at the bottom of the post. Sign up to receive a complimentary serum sample based on your skin concern. You get to try products for freeand before spending a dime on buying the full size ones.


Give these places a try and you could get yourself lots of free stuff on your birthday without signing up. If you’re looking for free Nintendo gift cards/codes, it’s possible to get them; however, it won’t be as easy as you think. Yes, it will take a pinch of work, but thankfully, it can all be done from… All of these free websites, for the most part, offer legit freebies and will require NO surveys on your end. Just be sure to follow my tips to avoid scams and you shouldn’t have a hard time find a great offer. Free Samples is another freebie aggregator of sorts, offering about 10 to 20+ free samples by mail, all without the need of filling out a survey.

Never Fill out Surveys (it’s a waste of time)

When you sign up for a free account, get a free welcome kit and up to $130 in coupons and samples. Get one of two trial kits, either a pad kit or adult diaper kit. Each kit comes with three different samples from that line of products. Become a member of the McCormick’c Consumer Testing Program and receive a variety of products from the McCormick brand to test.

A lot of companies and places give you free stuff on your birthday but the problem is that most of them require you to sign up for an email list, loyalty club, newsletter, etc. The company offers to give free products as a strategy to build their company and boost popularity and they need people to get those free products. Not just free but also comes with free shipping so you don’t have to pay for anything at all. The companies that give free products in 2021 are very few and this is one of them. Our top priority is finding completely free & legit samples and freebies for our members.

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Reflections on Covid Policies from Dissident Scientists ….

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It’s filled with diapers, wipes, formula, pacifiers and more. She finds and shares sources of samples and freebies for any kind of item a mom may need, from free diapers to magazines and everything in between. For example, at the time of writing this post, they had a post showing people how to get a free 22 oz can of Pedigree wet dog food from Kmart . What I love about this site is that they don’t bore you with a long post explaining how great it is to get this or that item for free. When you click on the image link, you go straight to the manufacturer’s page where you can fill out the form to get your free sample shipped to you.

She started the website in college, and she’s now operating both the site and a YouTube channel. Want to get access to more than 2,000 free samples without doing anything? Just set up your account and you’ll have free samples on the way in no time.

This site was attractive, easy to use and makes it super easy to get free stuff. is another great site that has info on tons of free samples. They also have a search button that allows you to type in a specific keyword, such as “laundry detergent” or “restaurant” to find freebies in those genres. Swagbucks is certainly one of the easiest ways to get stuff online.

Only Work Directly with the Brand

You can also register in his foundation if you think that you are in dire need of funds. It’s is a great way to have an easy-access stockpile when gift-giving opportunities or charitable opportunities come up. Doing this will make it easy to assess what you have and what you need.

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Walmart+ membership: Join today and get exclusive deals and free ….

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Those bonus offers might not be free, but they can save you bunches of cash. From the site page, it looked like you could get quite a bit of stuff in each box. They do charge a five dollar shipping fee for each freebie box, however. This site does lean toward advertising free samples that benefit moms, but it also has enough other free sample offerings to make it worthwhile for non-moms to check out too.

They always provide a wide variety of fun and unique products to test. So the biggest tip I can give you is to request your free samples as soon as possible to make sure you get your free sample boxes in the mailbefore they run out. Visit this link to register or login and check your offers to see if you have an offer for a free 2 pack of Sambucol Black Elderberry Syrup. While you can absolutely get free stuff online, keep in mind that it can take quite a bit of time to apply for and wait for these freebies to arrive. Also, you may not be able to choose the types of free stuff you get and end up with some that you have no use for. Nonetheless, coming home to packages of free goodies can be an awesome feeling.

Here are some of the programs mentioned that will help you to fight against your problems in the time of necessities by providing you free money. The freebies include all sorts of different items like free gift cards, beauty products, free gas cards, household cleaners and more. Sample a Day takes a different approach from the other sites on this list and posts a new free sample each day.

You can also follow me on Facebookto get the latest updates on all things freebies. Follow your favorite brands on social media as their followers are the first ones to be notified of new giveaways and promotional offers. To make things easier for you, we compile of list of colleges that have been confirmed in the past to respond to t-shirt requests. That way, you don’t have to waste your time contacting hundreds of colleges that won’t answer back. As you saw earlier in this article, many people have emailed thousands of colleges trying to get a free shirt. Usually, they only get a small percentage of responses back.

In choosing one, just make sure you pick out one that says what you can get. If it’s broad, such as “join this panel” or “get rewarded” and the verbiage is broad, then it’s an affiliate offer and you should skip it. You can either choose from the “Editor’s Top Picks,” which glancing at it, I did see a few advertising plugs thrown in a non-discreet way, but it’s pretty easy to weed out. Founded by Nick and Scott, categorizes the latest freebies in a few different ways. Reddit relies on people like you and me to create these so-called subreddits that can be topics on ANYTHING. If you’re familiar with Reddit, then I don’t need to explain how a subreddit works,butif you’re wondering what the heck a “subreddit” is, let me quickly explain.

The company giving out this free product is known for producing only quality materials and they didn’t fall short in this in any way. Always make sure you’re dealing with the company directly. If you ever see anything outside of your basic information or a few simple questions, it’s best to skip.

  • Several philanthropist business giants act as people who give away money for free to people who are in dire need of funds.
  • The site’s homepage features a blog listing each freebie and the information on how to get it separately.
  • Click on the sign-up button at the bottom of the post to get a free sample of Hugo Boss perfume.
  • In a day and age where everyone seems to be offering free stuff online, it may be hard to discern which companies offering free stuff are legit, and which ones are a scam.

Why not treat yourself on your birthday by claiming freebies from your favorite stores and restaurants? There are many ways to get free birthday stuff and make the most out of your special day. Crowdtap will send you free products as long as you honestly review them. Every time you receive a freebie from Crowdtap, you’ll be asked to answer a number of questions related to it.

  • I suggest storing them on shelves similar to how grocery stores stock their products.
  • Harkins stopped giving free birthday popcorn with ID. a few years ago.
  • If a site seems too cumbersome or seems sketchy, you may want to avoid it.
  • Do not miss the opportunity to purchase the best flashlight today, and the purchase price is absolutely free.

Insiders can apply to review Drive Time’s newest 12-Volt Car Diffuserfor free now! Apply now to try these innovative car diffusers that transform your drives into a fragrant experience. The plug-in diffuser comes with 4 scent bars, is easy to use, and long-lasting. The average baby will use more than 2,700 diapers in their first year, and the average cost of a disposable diaper is $0.20.

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In a recent sample box, you get $28 worth of beauty products for only $7. Like Walmart, Target also has a program where they occasionally give away sample boxes. When I searched online at the time of this writing, I only found one available sample box.

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